Smartphone Use Information


1)  Your student`s next quiz will be FRIDAY, MARCH 20 on the #67-70 Notes that started today.  This time around, students will be allowed to use a smartphone in class Friday, March 20 to complete the #67-70 Notes Quiz online.  If you allow your student to use her/his smartphone to complete the online quiz, please read and understand the following conditions:

1.  Use of a smartphone is 100% voluntary.  Students are not mandated to bring & use their smartphones.  Students not using a smartphone will complete a traditional paper quiz.

2.  Students will access the quiz online through your DATA connection.  Personal mobile devices are not permitted on the Wi-Fi network.  The quiz is 100% text and contains NO graphics or video streaming.  

3.  You and your student assume the security and safekeeping of the device.

4.  Students bringing their devices through other classes before Social Studies must keep their smartphones OFF at all times and will turn off the device after completing the online quiz.  Students must return smartphones to their lockers immediately after Social Studies.

5.  Students MAY NOT access any other websites and/or social networks before, during, or after completing the quiz via an app or browser.

2)  Your student is responsible for finding the lyrics for the “Star Spangled Banner” to use as part of open-notes for the #67-70 Notes Quiz on March 20.  Source does not matter just as long as she/he is prepared for the quiz.